The main consulting rooms are located in Charlestown. Dr Gomes also consults at Rutherford and Toronto.

Urgent appointments

  • We are able to accommodate urgent appointments.
  • Please express the urgency of your problem to the clerical staff. 
  • Forwarding a referral, via email of fax, helps us prioritise appointments
  • The clerical staff and Dr Gomes, are happy to receive calls from referrers, if they choose to call


Do I need a referral?

  • Referrals provide useful information about your orthopaedic problem and background history
  • A referral from a medical practitioner is necessary, to claim back part of the consultation fee
  • Referrals last for
    - 12 months from a general practitioner
    - 3 months from a specialist

What should I bring to my appointment?

Please arrive a little early for your appointment, to allow the reception staff to collect and enter any new information into the computer system.

Please attend with:

A current referral:

  • This will usually allow you to claim a proportion of the consultation fee. 
  • Referrals last for:
    - 12 months from a General Practitioner
    - 3 months from a Specialist

Relevant information:

  • Doctor’s letters
  • Operation reports
  • Imaging and imaging reports
  • Pathology reports

Financial information:

  • Medicare card
  • If relevant:
    - Private health insurance card
    - Pension card
    - DVA card
    - WorkCover claim number and approval

Appropriate clothing, to allow examination of the area of concern