Our Services

Dr Bruno Gomes and his team aim to provide a courteous, prompt and high quality service, to patients, general practitioners, physiotherapists and other referrers.

Our Approach

Patients often need urgent attention for orthopaedic problems. To offer a timely service, we leave room in the schedule for urgent appointments.

This allows Dr Gomes and the staff, to prioritise patients with urgent problems or who are struggling to cope.

It also allows quicker access for WorkCover and ADF patients, where timely assessment, treatment and return to work are desired.
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Hip Surgery

Hip pain and functional problems, can be caused by multiple conditions. A thorough history, examination and investigations are used, to outline the issue and implement appropriate management. When surgery is required, Dr Gomes uses evidence based techniques, with consistent patient outcomes.
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Knee Surgery

Dr Gomes treats all types of knee problems, including osteoarthritis, patellofemoral problems, ACL tears, multi-ligament injuries and meniscal tears. Urgent appointments are available to assess and treat injuries, including for WorkCover and ADF patients.
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Joint Replacement Surgery

Hip and knee replacement surgery, is performed for the symptoms caused by severe joint disease. It can be performed safely and with consistent results. It has a well proven track record in improving quality of life.
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Limb Reconstruction / Deformity Correction

Limb reconstruction surgery aims to achieve maximum function, in limbs affected by significant structural problems. The deformity may be caused by a congenital problem (present at birth), an acquired condition or a traumatic event.

Dr Gomes has completed a dedicated limb reconstruction fellowship and is a member of Australian Limb Lengthening and Reconstructive Surgeons (ALLARS).
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