Limb Reconstruction / Deformity Correction

Limb reconstruction surgery aims to achieve maximum function, in limbs affected by significant structural problems. The deformity may be caused by a congenital problem (present at birth), an acquired condition or a traumatic event.

Dr Gomes has completed a dedicated limb reconstruction fellowship and is a member of Australian Limb Lengthening and Reconstructive Surgeons (ALLARS).

Conditions treated

Alignment Issues

  • Bowed legs (genu varum)
  • Knocked knees (genu valgum)
  • Rotational deformities

Fracture related problems including:

  • Non-union
    - Occurs when a fracture fails to heal
    - This can occur with or without infection
  • Mal-union
    - When a fracture heals in a less than ideal position
    - The bone deformity can affect function and cause pain

Growth Plate Injuries

Leg Length Inequality

Types of surgery

The types of limb reconstruction/deformity correction surgery performed include:

  • Epiphysiodesis
  • Guided Growth
  • Osteotomies
    o Coronal
         - High tibial osteotomy
         - Distal femoral osteotomy
    o Rotational
         - Femoral
         - Tibial
  • Limb Lengthening