Our Approach

Patients often need urgent attention for orthopaedic problems. To offer a timely service, we leave room in the schedule for urgent appointments.

This allows Dr Gomes and the staff, to prioritise patients with urgent problems or who are struggling to cope.

It also allows quicker access for WorkCover and ADF patients, where timely assessment, treatment and return to work are desired.


High Quality Service

Provision is made in the consulting schedule for urgent appointments. A personalised evidence based approach is used with all patients. Adequate time is given to all appointments, so the underlying problem can be assessed appropriately, with a thorough history and examination. 

Dr Gomes places an emphasis on good communication to:
• Outline details of the orthopaedic problem
• Explain the reasoning behind the planned investigations
• Discuss the various treatment options, including surgery

When investigations or surgery are recommended, the staff will take the time to organise, facilitate and explain, all parts of the patient journey. 



Second Opinions

Dr Gomes often provides second opinions for his colleagues, to aid their management of difficult patients. He also sees many patients who would like to discuss treatments they have been recommended or are considering.

Off Street Parking

Appointments are available at multiple locations. All sites have off street parking available, for patient convenience. Further details are available on the contact page.